06/21/17 update - Note: The site is currently down for maintenance.  Rumor has it that the comp plan has been drastically reduced so it will take 180 days to double.  At this point, until I can confirm what’s taking place, I wouldn’t put any bitcoin in to this program.                                                                   
07/24/17 update: I’m not sure what’s going on at this point. They claim that ‘Jet-coin 2.0’ will go live in 1 day (07/25/17). The comp plan has been dramatically changed and what they’ve posted so far makes it very difficult to understand exactly what they’ll be paying.  At this time I’m not recommending this program until they clarify their comp plan and make it clear that earnings are not solely dependant upon the recruitment of new people into the program.

Note: If you click the Register button to sign up in this program it will show Christian Education Ministries as your sponsor - that’s Sarge’s ministry.

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