This is a GREAT LONG TERM MINING PLATFORM!  The idea is to first make some bitcoin with the trading program: Jet-Coin and take that bitcoin and put it in to this program which is a very sustainable program that actually allows you to be involving in the mining of bitcoin.

Note: In order to access the Bitclub Network from a location within the U.S.A. or its territories you’ll need a VPN system (Virtual Private Network) that gives you a foreign i.p. address such as: otherwise you’ll get a message saying, 


Once you have a VPN set up you’ll be able to access the site and sign up.  You’ll need a Sponsor code:  CHMJDR  Once your signed up you’ll be able to log in from your location without the VPN just using your username and password.  Here’s a link to one VPN program:   There are also many FREE VPNs out there that are available with a little searching.

When you’re ready to sign up use this username as the one that referred you:  CHMJDR 

  (Unless someone else sent you to this site, then use the username they gave you.)

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